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Shall we open the cards? 🃏

But we did not hide anything and are ready to talk openly about our cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Hello everyone! ✌️
I’m Daniel. IM 33 years old. One of the founders of
He has already worked in banking, finance, restaurant business and real estate. The popularity of digital currencies attracted me more and more every year.

💡 The idea to create a convenient platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency has appeared for a long time. It only remained to organize everything and find partners. This is how I met Mikhail. Together we decided to go towards our goal. We already have great results.

In our project, I am engaged in the implementation of new possible features on the platform, since I am exactly the same user of p2p transactions in offline. Once I was faced with the need to have a reliable tool for fast trades. This is how the idea of ​​the platform appeared.

Glad to everyone who joined us! I am ready to answer all questions related to our platform and the features of guaranteeing transactions