Crypto networking: which conferences to follow in 2021?

For obvious reasons, 2021 (same as 2020) is hard to call the year of offline events. But there are not only cons but pros. The quality of events and speakers becomes much higher and now everyone can get access to these events because most part of them goes online.

Also, we are finishing our development stage and becoming a pro-active company in public relations, so we choose the conferences that we plan to participate in or count as important to follow at least online.

There is our shortlist of conferences

21-22.4.2021 – Blockchain Life 2021

One of the few really big offline events this year. Attended by the heads of the leading companies of the industry. It can become useful not only to get important insides but to start some cooperation with big market players. An event will be held in Moscow, and this is another good reason because, in addition to global trends, there will be discussed local issues on the CIS market that we are interested in.

28-29.4.2021 – Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe 2021

One of the central events in the world of blockchain. It is always important to listen to the reports of industry leaders as well as EU regulatory authorities in order to keep abreast of European trends. Such events give an opportunity to assume the vector of the crypto market growth and integration of cryptocurrencies into the EU economy. Therefore, the event is perfect not only for techies but also for financial consultants, financial directors, and other financial specialists who have realized that it is stupid and irresponsible to deny the bright future of cryptocurrencies.

11-13.5.2021 – Finovate Spring Digital 2021

You always need to be aware of new developments in the financial startup market in order to understand the level of competition in related niches. 1100+ participants of the top-management positions, 50% represent financial institutions, 30+ startup presentations, 100+ speakers and it’s all fully available online. A great event to listen to others and show yourself.

20-21.5.2021 – Blockchain And Cyber-Security 2021

Cryptocurrencies and security are two keywords that correspond to our business. That is why it is necessary to be on the same wavelength with people who are closely involved in this aspect of the industry. The conference could be called “local”, but there will be discussed fundamental issues of the security of cryptocurrencies and their future. And since security is almost a key aspect of our startup, we will closely monitor the progress of the conference. What we advise you to do also.

22.5.2021 – Blockchain Economy 2021

A huge number of the announced speakers are CEOs of successful startups based on blockchain. It is always interesting to hear how the community sees the future of blockchain. The event is perfect for networking, finding new partners, and generally for finding market insights for those who are just starting out.


At this stage, the investment forums make the greatest interest to us, that’s why we simply cannot miss this event in Dubai. Listening to our colleagues’ pitches is just as important as pitching our product. Of course, if we manage to get on the conference shortlist.

22-23.6.2021 – Finovate Asia 

The Asian market is very interesting for our business, as it shows incredible growth figures every year, so attending conferences related to this region is extremely important for us. The second aspect is the peculiarity of the Asian mentality, where the largest transactions are based on personal trust and communication. Therefore, active interaction with investors and partners from Asia is our priority.

29-31.7.2021 – FiNext Conference USA 2021 

The main goal of the event is networking and developing a new vision for the future of the fintech market. For us, networking is extremely useful in terms of expansion into new markets.

26-29.8.2021 – BitBlock Boom 2021 

Conference of real Bitcoin enthusiasts. A large number of media experts, who can help with PR, help build an advertising campaign and achieve the necessary results. “Must have” for marketing specialists working with crypts.

13-15.9.2021 – BLOCKCHAIN EXPO GLOBAL 2021

One of the central events in the world of blockchain technologies, covering almost all aspects of the industry. Hundreds of top speakers from representatives of state regulators to technical directors of the largest IT companies. Among the sponsors of the conference, you can see PWC, DELL and Kaspersky.

21-23.9.2021 – MONEY 20/20 

All about the future of fintech. Participation in a conference of this level, even as a listener, gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the top community of the European fintech market, who not only know what the fintech market will be in the future but also create it together. For example, some of the guests of past conferences were Winklevoss Twins, that’s why 94% of attendees rated the networking opportunities of our event as good or excellent.

17-20.10.2021 – Future Blockchain Summit 2021

The leading blockchain and crypto event in the Middle East, bringing together the brightest minds of the industry, leading investors, and startups. Dubai is one of the centers of modern technology, which accumulates a huge resource and is a good starting point for young startups like ours. Here we are waiting for 4 days of intensive networking, investment, and education.

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