Last week crypto news digest

Not all but just a small percentage of people, who are interested in the dynamic crypto market, daily follow thousands of crypto news. Many of them simply choose a long-HODL option as more calm and reliable. But since we are still watching the latest news, we want to keep you up to date with them and offer you a selection of the most interesting cases from the past week. If you like such digests – let us know, we will make them regular!

Coinbase became the most expensive exchange in the United States after a direct listing on the Nasdaq. The market value of the company on the first day of trading ended at $85.7 billion.

After an incredible rise, Dogecoin entrenched into the TOP-6 cryptocurrencies. The price is influenced by the high increase of subscribers in the r/dogecoin subreddit up to 145k, Elon Musk’s Twitter activity, and rumors about the listing of the CME futures on DOGE. The last one most likely is a fake 😳  Thank you, Elon!

The Swiss office of the largest insurance company AXA Group has started accepting payments in Bitcoins. Do you still think that this is a toy for crypto-punks?

NFT tokens are becoming more popular. For sure, Edward Snowden’s sale of his print for $5M looks expected (he is an IT activist after all). But the information that football legend Pele will release his tokens really makes us think about the future of this technology.

Ray Dalio turned on a dime and instead of prophesizing about BTC death, start to predict a bright Bitcoin future. During the Texas A&M’s Bitcoin Conference, Dalio recommended BTC as a tool to diversify your investment portfolio.

Chinese miners have started to buy HDD and SSD drives to mine the Chia cryptocurrency massively. This new cryptocurrency gaining popularity in the country and the world. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, it “growth” on storage devices, and the power of the processor or graphics accelerator is not required to work with it.

A good column about how 2021 differs from the boom of 2017 in demand for cryptocurrencies and what we should consider was published in the Russian-language Forbes. We highly recommend reading this article.

And finally, the prediction of the Bitcoin exchange rate was given in the Simpsons. In one of the latest episodes, Homer said: “Bitcoin is the best asset in the Simpsons’ history. It will grow forever, Marge!”. Simpsons prophecies have great accuracy, so hold on tight!

See you next week!