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✌️Now it’s my turn to tell about myself

👋 Glad to meet you! I am Mikhail Korzh, co-founder of the project, as well as the mastermind behind the most convenient platform for exchanging cryptocurrency for cash.

I am 31 years old, I am from the city of Kiev.
Like all boys in my youth, I wanted to be successful and independent. To this goal, I went through training at the KNU named after. Shevchenko. It was a valuable experience for understanding business processes.

👉 Already in 2011, I started working on my own projects.

❓Why is crypt now?

Interest, analysis of the situation and perspective are the key factors that tipped the scales on her side.

🔝We are developing a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies for cash and vice versa with a unique transaction protection scheme and low tariffs.

We plan to develop to a global level.

Presumptuous? 😊
But this is an incentive to achieve more💪

Are you with us? I will be glad for your support! 🙌
Only forward! 🚀