Where are we heading in 2021?

Tasks we faced each day become more challenging that’s why our team grows each month. Since early 2021, when the project starts to rise investment for further development, we decided to publish a small roadmap for the coming year. In the form of a blog post, I’m going to cover in detail the achievements and current progress of the development. Also mentioning some difficulties that we successfully solving every day.

Summer launch of an advertising campaign on the Ukrainian market. We have prepared everything to launch officially our platform on the Ukrainian market: a legal study of the subject, depository offices partnership issue, roles distribution for all participants of the process, operational models, and even issue with establishing an offline back-office if it will be needed.

For now, we are finishing preparations to start advertising activities. We are planning to communicate with a wide target audience about the simplicity and reliability of our product compare to our competitors to raise the number of our users. We are confident in the quality of the services we will provide.

Our goal is to reach 100 operations per day by the end of the summer. To do this, we will use promotional campaigns with zero-commission transfers for new users and commission-free days while cash will wait for the customer in our secure depositories.

Autumn – a serious scale-up in the functionality of the product. With the growth of the user base, the number of features that customers are interested in is growing extremely.

We have already conducted research on such kinds of requests and implemented them in our working plan. Among them are:

  • significant increase in the number of traded pairs on the platform (connecting DeFi, Etherium as a currency independent of USDT)
  • the ability to sell cryptocurrency in a quick way (directly to the platform without searching for the potential buyer)
  • mobile applications development

A separate application focused on the mobile audience is the main direction of works for our developers, as it will allow us to expand the functionality of the platform significantly.

The end of 2021 – access to other markets. At the moment, several European, South American, and African regions are considered as locations of our further expansion. We are planning to make step-by-step launches in countries where the level of legal and real security of the crypto market participants are far from perfect, but the demand for crypto exchange services is very high.

We are actively exploring new markets to enter them and constantly negotiating with various partners and companies, collaboration with which will strengthen C2C.Deals. If you know such companies or you are the representatives of them do not hesitate to contact us! We are open to discuss any kind of brand collaboration!

Daniel Goldberg